Bitbucket and its brilliant billing logic

Last year, one of my colleague left the company, just to return 6 months later. He is really a boy scout person, tidying up everywhere he can. So when he left to that new company, he modified his Bitbucket profile, especially the company name he works at.

When working with us, he was Billing Contact at our account and the Bitbucket account was payed with his superior’s credit card. Atlassian was sending their monthly bill, which we liked, because we like deducing tax where we can.

Little did my colleague know, when he modified his company name, Atlassian managed to modify the Customer’s name on every bill onward sent to us. It is good to hear again: Atlassian modified the frikkin’ customer name because a single, individual person modified the company he works at.

Now I don’t know how bills are created in United States of A, but it has a high probability that Dolphin Inc. cannot really deduce tax by waving a bill, which has “Turtle Inc.” on it. If it is possible, I’ll probably move there to make billions.

The best part is that the cardholder – who really pays the bill – did not change at all.

If you’ve ever met Bitbucket’s annoying account/user mechanism, you know that Bitbucket tries to convince you that you should have a single account, and you can be in multiple teams. This looks convenient, but the above billing procedure makes this very problematic. “Billing Contact” has to be a new account with proper company name, never to change it (however the creating user still holds the capability to modify the profile any time).

Of course, I could advise how to mitigate this problem, but that is so much in the common-sense area, my mind is still going round how this clusterfuck could even happen.


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